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    2003 Polaris Virage I - Another one

    So i went and got another Virage I, dragged it home today from South Carolina which was mostly a disappointment but i am picking one up in Tennessee on Thursday which should be very promising.
    The one i got today started and ran very poorly tried to rev it and she died.
    Connected digital wrench and tested the fuel pump, good, tested the coils and only one would fire - now neither fires. Going to get a new battery tomorrow and try testing again. I can hear the EMM attempting to fire the coils but no go, sometimes an intermittent fire here and there. I swapped the coil for one i had on another motor with no change. Once i got the original coil off i noticed a small crack on the bottom corner.
    Can the EMM be damaged from firing an open coil? - Im almost certain it could be, but i have no real idea.
    Hull looks good other than som small pits which i think i am going to fill with marinetex

    TPS tested good and looks to have been replaced with the nice overmolded unit.
    The injectors DO NOT match the EMM which is certainly an issue to be dealt with.
    There are some old gray fuel lines connecting between the injectors where the PO or his "mechanic" swapped the injectors for a set they got elsewhere.
    The interior of this ski is coated in oil, Im letting the orange degreaser soak as I type this up.
    Fuel level sensor does not work - good thing i have a freshly rebuilt fuel pump around
    Im going to swap the oil injector pump with one I have verified the output of oil
    And of course it need a thru hull bearing.
    Emm has 40 hours, MFD has 10.1 hrs WTF happened/has someone done to this ski??????

    This is kinda fun, i know most of you guys hate working on these but i used to work on cars and this is SO much easier and more rewarding to go out on the lake.
    Im mostly posting this just as open discussion and record, if this ski fails then there will be more parts for the community.

    K447, you ever matched injectors to an EMM without the original mapping disc?

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    Unityracing has figured out how to match the injectors to the EMM without the disk. Ghostinstallations can do it as well. I had him do one for me so I have a backup EMM for my MSX 140

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    EMM has specific trouble codes for open ignition coil, which implies it can handle that situation.

    Sometimes these EMM become fragile and when powered up after a long sleep they work for a short while and then stop working. I have a 2000 Genesis i here that had not run in over a year, the EMM fired up a couple of times, then nothing. Swap in another good EMM and it starts right up.

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