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Thread: Towing a PWC

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    Towing a PWC

    Anyone know if there are issues towing a 2015 SeaDoo GTI in the water?

    For example, you break down and need to be towed home. Any restrictions?

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    Same restrictions as other modern SeaDoos. Either restrict the tow speed to 13mph or less, or clamp the cross over hose.

    Page 105 in your owners manual.

    *edit* I believe the cross over hose may have a red sleeve over it to identify it but I could be incorrect on that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RGUN View Post
    Page 105 in your owners manual.
    Read that. You need to know how to be towed in advance of needing to be towed.

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    correct, you need to clamp off the hose with the red band on it

    use a hose pincher ( they have round jaws) locking pliers will damage the hose.

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