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    Trouble shooting 2003 Seadoo gti le

    good morning everybody. I have recently purchased a 2003 Seadoo gti and it ran great for a little while . Now it seems to running really bad . Can't get any power out of it just seems like maybe carb issues . Can anyone tell me if this is maybe a common problem ?or if there should be somthing else I should be looking at? I am fairly mechanically inclined but am very new to there's seadoos .

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    Could be anything... have you pulled the fuel water separator? if there is trash in there you need a total fuel system clean...
    Don't ask me where your fuel water seperator is at... lol. Download the free shop manual at and get going. or... a mind blowing revelation here... use the forum search function and browse through the other couple hundred threads about these problems.

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    Thx bud . I'm very new to all this and I'm sure you were at some point get it figured on my own . But thx for the sarcasm.

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    I would pull the carbs off clean, rebuild them. If your ski has factory gray fuel lines, remove and replace. Then clean out the fuel selector valve. All easy stuff. You should start there and then report back. Also with 2 strokes, spark plug replacement every few rides for me.

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    Check voltage while running. 787 is known for eating regulators.

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