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Thread: SLX idle speed

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    SLX idle speed

    Just finished rebuilding the carbs. Think I need to adjust the idle speed. Screws get all jacked when you pull the 3 carbs apart from one another. Regardless, I know it's supposed to be around 1400 in the water. And I've read almost double that when out. But what I'm wondering about is when you're on a garden hose. That doesn't have the resistance of actually sitting in the lake, so if I'm running with the hose, what should I expect it to be at? Maybe 2200ish?

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    Out of the water, garden hose connected or running dry, idle will be the same, and higher than in-water. Garden hose is not a material factor in out of the water idle speed.

    In-water idle RPM is the spec, out of water is just a guesstimate until you get it to water for final adjustment.

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