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    Typical Anode? (2013 GTX S 155)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The anode on this PWC looks much different than the anode on the two other PWCs that are docked alongside this one. The other units have the standard chalky grey anode and for the most part the other units develop zero deposits on the topside of the ride plate, and very minor deposits on the bottom (can wipe away with a towel). They sit in the water for a weekend to a week at a time. Exclusively fresh water.

    Anyone have any insight?

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    Bump this back on to the front page. Would appreciate input from anyone that has seen this before or can confirm that this anode is incorrect.

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    That anode isn't working. I ride ocean and my anode and ride plate look nothing like that. I guess its possible BRP bought a batch of anodes from a different supplier...some imported anodes are garbage.

    They are cheap enough so just swap it out.

    Anode P/N = 271001813

    BTW: Is ski on floating dock or lifted onto a wood/concrete dock?

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    That's really bad!! Your zinks are yellow, it should be gray, take sandpaper and clean the hell out of it or get new zinks.

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