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    Talking R2 reflash with no retainers for my 15 fzr?

    Hi guys, i currently have riva scom with intake, exhaust, cooling kit and pitched prop with a contant speed of 75 mph on garmin gps. Ive been wanting to do a reflash since i got the ski but was scare of blowing up my motor. I ve seen some people running r2 reflashes with the same mods i have doing 79-81 mph and no retainers, now my question is: would i be safe by just adding an r2 reflash and depitching the prop for 8500 rpm with no retainers? I use the ski almost every weekend for severe saltwater use

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    R2 reflash is safe. Can't rev 8500 though. You'll be all over limiter.

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    Jerry from the GH store says even the r3 reflash is safe on the SVHO, since the stock valve train is proven reliable up to 8700 rpm.

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    8550 limit for R2. Was turning 8500 and brought it down to 8400 with a Lucky13.

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    Take a look at this link on rpms Tommy Jordan

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    R3 is set lower on 14-15 Ecu no problem running with stock retainers

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