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    Hi, I need advice on 2001 seadoo gtx di issues

    I just bought a 2001 seadoo gtx di for a project and that's just what I got lol, the issues I'm having is it will every few minutes while on a hose beep very loudly also the maintenance code is flashing and so is the red light on the dash the ski just turned 107hrs so I was thinking the maintenance code is probably normal but not the alarm or the red blinking light? Also it pumps water fine when it's on the hose but as soon as I launch it won't pump and out of the peerer or thru the engine because in a matter of minutes it starts to overheat and it has been overheated on the front cylinder before because it's black but it's still got good compression 150psi on front and 140psi on the back cylinder. I checked all the lines and they seam clear with no blockages and I pulled the jet pump and it looks to be in fair shape it does still have the orginal impeller and maybe wear ring I'm not sure is that good or bad please help I've been troubleshooting for the last two days and I'm feeling like throwing new parts at it now

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    How long are you running it on the hose??? You said every few minutes????!!! Your only supposed to run a ski on a hose for 2 minutes at best. The carbon ring can overheat and become damaged.

    The red light will flash when the "Maint" shows on the gauge to help catch your attention. "Maint" is preprogrammed into the ECU to come on around 100 hours.

    If the wear ring is bad, it will not allow the proper pump pressure to push the water into the cooling passages in the motor. It cools on the hose because you have "city" water pressure behind the hose... Did you blow thru all the cooling lines with compressed air???

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