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    2003 GTX Ltd - water in hull, then no start

    Hi all,
    Was running this weekend in some pretty rough water. Came down off a wave pretty hard and noticed a distinct change in the sound of the engine. Everything was still running fine (no lights, beeps, nothing), but engine noise was definitely louder and the seat seemed to be getting hotter than normal. I was pretty far out, so I kept going at around 4-5k and started heading home. After a while, I noticed the sound went back to normal, but when I let off the throttle as I approached the beach, I realized the back end of the hull was underwater. Beached the ski and had salt water up to the top of the battery in the hull.

    I haven't checked the exhaust hoses yet, but I'm thinking one of them failed. Would this cause the increase in engine noise and a leak into the hull? I'm also thinking that as the water level inside the hull got high enough to cover the failure in the exhaust, that it quieted down again. I'm going to check on this tomorrow.

    My second problem is that the ski will not start now. As I mentioned, I had water to the top of the battery (MPEM submerged). I get the normal 2 beeps with the DESS and the engine cranks normally, but it seems like there is either no spark or no fuel (or both). I replaced all the fuses (none were burned, but I did it anyway), hit the MPEM harness connectors with contact cleaner (there was definitely water in there), but still no luck. Any simple things I'm missing here? I'd like to avoid a trip to the repair shop if there's something I can fix. Are there any fuses other than the 2 rows under the fuse covers on the MPEM and the 2 30A main fuses? I will also blast all the connectors I can find with compressed air tomorrow.

    Only codes showing are P1511 and P1676. Neither seem to be codes that should prevent the engine from starting. Thanks for the assist.

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    Well, no apparent problems with the exhaust hoses. I tipped the ski back a bit and filled it with water (to above the shaft seal) to see if I can find the source of the leak, but no luck. Aside from a few drops coming out by the OPAS rods, no water came out.

    Still having the no start problem as well. No water in the cylinders or the output hose from the SC. Electrical gremlins persist. Hope I didn't fry the MPEM or ECU. Water definitely got into the connectors on the MPEM.

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    can you here the fuel pump?

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    Yes, it sounds like the fuel pump comes on for about 2-3 seconds when I install the key.

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    you should also here the tops valve click open
    fuel pump should also come on again when you push the start button
    try changing plugs maybe some water got ingested

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