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Thread: Need advice!

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    Need advice!

    Recently changed my ECM Computer on my 2004 Honda Aqua Trax 1200cc and I still am getting the Code 25. I have been reading that it could be the computer. or Knock sensor, But people are saying they did this ( changed both or knock sensor)and still are having the same problem. Any advice?
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    Wire harness.....that's why I tell people to test ohms of knock sensor wire and inspect wire and plug where it plugs into the computer.

    You changed ecu so it's the wire or sensor,or you didn't buy a new ecu and it has same problem as your old one

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    +1 on Joey's comment re the ECU. When you say that you "changed my ECM Computer" do you mean that you bought a new one, or did you replace the one you had with a used one.

    Code 25 ought to be renamed "ECU failure" because that is what it indicates much more often than a knock or a faulty knock sensor.

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    It was the Knock sensor thanks guys!

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    You should go play the lottery today! Happy it turned out good for you.

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