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May I ask, why do you recommend the dual impeller?
the dual impeller increases power, stops all the vibration, kind of in a way tams the ski down to make it run right with the Flyboard. maybe for car guys gives it 100% torque to push you in the air.

I have a 215 hp and have had really good luck put around 70-80 hours on it. I am about to send turbo to green hulk for another rebuild. I run amsoil and have changed oil and filter, plugs, about every 20 hours just because if the strain it places on seadoo. I also have an 80ft hose it will push me around 35-40ft. I have been very happy, go buy one!

I just bought a flytronics remote, I have not replaced my emk but looking forward to probably building another one next year with a 255 seadoo I have.

flyboarding is the most fun you can have with you cloths on, endless you Flyboard naked!!