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    Thoughts on yamaha vxr

    Hey guys thinking about a yamaha vxr 2014 model what's your thoughts?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yamaha vxr View Post
    Hey guys thinking about a yamaha vxr 2014 model what's your thoughts?
    I am by no means an expert at all. Just got a 2011 first ski and I love it.

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    Started with a new 2012 VX Deluxe, 1.1L engine, that my wife and I took turns with. 160 hours and still running good. This Spring, I picked up a leftover 2013 VXR so we each had a ski. I have 24 hours on it now. The weather has sucked here. Anyways, they are the same hull other than the VXR is nanocel, has slightly different sponsons, and the 1.8L engine with no supercharger. It's not a rough water ski unless you don't mind getting bounced but the extra power over the Deluxe is nice. It turns well and the extra horsepower will let you swing the back around enough that you can throw yourself off if you're not ready. It has a pretty good take off and with 1/2 tank of fuel, smooth water, and 185lb op, I had 69 via gps. The seat gives me a good riding position and I like the higher bolster. The 2015 VXR is @6in longer, @4in wider, @50lbs heavier, has RIDE, electric trim, and is 2-3mph slower. I probably should have bought an FX HO, as the members have advised for the rough water, but I couldn't pass up the price for this leftover. I have a lot of fun with it. If you want your speed into the higher 70s and up, then you'll need to look at an SHO or SVHO with a supercharger and start modding. No supercharger for me is less to worry about and the fuel usage isn't that much over the VX Deluxe.

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