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    R&d pulley question

    I have a ultra 250 with the r&d pulley and just broke a belt with less than four hrs on the belt. Belt tension was perfect. Question is for you people that have done this mod did u use the supplied washer behind the pulley. My theory is that it was t lined up completely. Also do u know if the company on this site will over night the part. Go on vacation next sat

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    Do dealerships keep these belts in stock ?

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    Gonna try a hell Mary and see if I can find a car belt that will fit at advaced on my way home

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    Theory was incorrect. Tensioner pulley locked up

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    surely you checked the bearing when you replaced the belt, bearings dont go bad in 4hrs, also check the alignment if its got another pulley on it

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    Wheel spun freely but was making a little noise. I ordered a r&d tensioner wheel. I got the original to free up and would randomly stick again. I tried to get the bearing out but it was froze in there and I think the r&d is a better design anyway. I guess I'm glad it happened now instead of on vacation

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    the bearings press out with the correct tools

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    Had to cancel my order from r&d. They couldn't get the part to me in time. Ordered factory parts. Will be here Wednesday. I assume the bearing presses in from the back. Correct?

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