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Thread: Engine choices

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    Engine choices

    I have a 2003 GTI LE RFI that is in need of a motor. Current motor runs good but with a little growl. Mag side is at 105 psi and PTO is at 155. Upon dis assembly I could wiggle the Mag piston and when turning the crank I could feel a little roughness in the bearings. Not looking to rebuild, the parts are almost what an exchange would cost with a year warranty.
    What is the recommended "go-to" place to purchase an exchange? I am leaning towards SBT so I can drop it in and be back on the water fast.

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    SBT seems to make a decent Yamaha motor BUT I absolutely do not like their BRP/Sea-doo stuff at all... Had way too many issues with it....

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    Why don't you rebuild what you have. Then you know what you have.

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    Thanks. As I stated, "Not looking to rebuild, the parts are almost what an exchange would cost with a year warranty". I haven't found any rebuilt cranks and piston/jugs for a substantially cheaper price then the $960 rebuild exchange.

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    There ya go,... go with it

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    how much is shipping for the 1st engine + the shipping on the free replacement?

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    Take it apart and see what you need. May be just an outer crank bearing plus a piston/rings

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