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    Gp1300r cat. Removal

    Hi my 03 gpr has 127 hours on it and the cat just went on it and I want to put in the d- plate. I attempted to take the exhaust out but I'm having some issues doing so. Is anyone able to help me with what bolts I need to undue for removal . Much appreciated !

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    Hello Ryan, and welcome to the Hulk. Yes, go to the Yamaha section for 2 strokes. There are some sticky's on the subject. However, if you can not find them it is ok. I have removed my exhaust system so many times that I am some what an expert LOL. It is still a PITA! I always start by removing the battery box and hanging it off to the port side. Then I loosen the exhaust stinger section that connects to the water box. 3rd, I then remove the one bolt at the back of the engine block that hold the stinger to the block. 4th, I remove the 2 bolts just to the side of the heads on the starboard side. Then 5th, I loosen the two large clamp/rings on the rubber exhaust boot just above the # cyclinder. slide the rubber boot as far forward toward the u-section of the exhaust/muffler. Then remove the other two clamp/rings under where the rubber boot was. Now you just wiggle the entire sting section some ... and keep pulling it back towards the rear of the sik. It will will pull out and come free. Just take hole thing and set on work table/bench. You can now remove the section closes to where it connected to the muffler ... and remove the cat. install D-plate. For re installing I found if you unstrap the water box it will allow for room to install the stinger. As you can see, it is a (pain in the ass) PITA LOL. Good luck

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