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    Please Help!! Squeek in my 2013 Karavan Trailer

    Hey guys, i have a 2013 Single PWC Karavan Trailer. Ive been having this squeek which i dont know what it would be. My first guess was oviously bearings, but i was told my baerings dont need maintenance. I was wondering if anyone else had the same issue with thier Karavan Trailers. I have read about people trying to do maintenace on them, and had no luck because of the type of bearings used for the trailer.

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    If you tow with a truck, you could have someone sit in the bed and take a ride around the neighborhood. They could be your "squeak spotter".

    I highly recommend you jack the trailer up and check your bearings by spinning your wheels and checking for any looseness.

    You don't want to go through what I recently did.

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    I did read your thread. I dont know much about my trailer, and would like too. I called karavan, and they told me to register my trailer on the website, and file a waresnty claim. They told me it might be metal rubbing, but i dont know what parts would be rubbing together. Then another one of my friends said it could be that or, the springs. Im praying its not what you went through, because that sounds like something scary. But i will check them now that, that has caught my attention. The squeek i get is when i roll, or bounce.

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    I would think springs or if you have a trailer box it might be the lid also. I have had both of these issues.

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    Ill have to check them out to be sure. I called Karavan, just waiting on there responce.

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