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    Yamaha XL1200 screeching when throttling up

    Got these 2 1999 XL1200 LTD yamahas used a couple months ago, put about 8 hours on it already.
    This morning wife was in one of them, idled out from the pier then throttled up and screeched.
    Acted like it had something in the intake. My son jumped over and nothing, towed it to the pier and put on the lift and took these pics of the front of the impeller. I did not see any obstructions but looked at both the good and the bad ski.
    Good ski, has the area surrounding the impeller as nice and shiney, The bad one looks like something was stuck at one point then chewed up, there is some sort of plastic or nylon resedue forward of the impeller.
    Are the plates easy to remove to look into this? I'm inclinded to take to a shop and hope I can get them back in a couple weeks.
    I'm going to have to tow it about 1 mile to the ramp.

    Or is there a coupling from the engine to the shaft that might be slipping?

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    I believe their is a coupling behind the impeller just inside the rear of the hull. I had one go on me and made it back to dock but it was louder, more of a clanging sound.

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    Took it to shop, after giving description, the guy thought it might be a stripped drive shaft.
    Is there a way the impeller can slip on the drive shaft if a nut it not tight?
    This ski had the engine replaced 2 years ago by the previous owner at a different shop.

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    Mechanic looked it over and says both drive shafts stripped. They have to pull engine and quoted $1K.
    I'll post final bill when I get it.

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