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    Polaris Virage tx 1200 wont reach max rpm in water

    I have a virage 1200 carb model that suddenly overnight wouldn't reach max rpm or speed while in the water. On trailer it revs to high 6000s but in water it tops out around 5000. Ski was running perfectly fine one day, docked it over night and next morning this starting happening. Only difference from one day to next was 12 gallons of gas put in. Thought it was bad gas so siphoned most out and then ran the rest dry. Fuel water separator cleaned out, changed plugs, new gas, still didn't fix the problem. Not sure where to go from here, any help or even polaris mechanics in cleveland area would be great, thanks!

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    Probably not running on all three cylinders. Culprit could either be electrical or mechanical.
    - Check compression
    - Check/clean carbs
    - Check fuel pumps/pulse lines
    If all good then check for sparks, weak sparks can easily corrected by trimming off end of the wire.

    Don't need to follow above checks in the order as listed, but if it still fails then further diagnostic can be found in the 'Tech Section'.

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