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    Rebuild it or get an SBT?

    Purchased the 2003 gp1300r waverunner last year around this time and rode it for about 5 months before it blew up.

    Was doing about 50 across open water when it died. Tried to restart it and it said low voltage.

    After pulling the heads I found the #1 piston beginning to fall apart and #3 in really bad shape.

    Upon opening the power valve covers noticed that #2 and 3 were missing the bolts.

    Pulled the motor and curious if I should rebuild it myself or purchase the SBT with 2 years of warranty.

    How do I know if the crank is still good?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    From my own research, SBT just bores and re-conditions the cylinders/jugs where as OEM Yamaha has a Super durable "Naskil" coating/treatment which makes the OEM Cylinders/jugs superior to SBT's product. There are several shops with the ability bore and re-naskil which would be a better option than an off the shelf SBT long block. But that route will cost more and require more labor on your part. this is one of those situations where your going to get what you pay for.

    How are your cylinders? the OEM Naskil cylinders are phenomenally durable, that piston looks rough, but there's a chance you could get away with just new pistons.

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    that is already a rebuilt engine, may be an SBT already... has sleeves and looks like SBT lever links on the powervalves.

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    Rebuild it.
    Yank it out and send it to WFO for a build
    Skip the SBT motor.

    I have a 07 that's got a low hour SBT motor that I pick up for a project. Super clean, but the #1 rod bearing is gone. Quality isn't what SBT is known for.

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    my 2c , sb shit = just that shit , if you want to go through the same shit again then get another sb shit.

    hope you get the idea.

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    Thats got to be an SBT grenade in there. Did you notice the allen head powervalve bolt still laying on top of the powervalve in the top picture? Unfortunately someone already pumped and dumped this on you. You can choose to do the same thing to someone else, or fix it right. You get what you pay for if you choose to go SBT anything. By the way...that crank was never good.

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    if you want to have more fun and save money then rebuild it. I had a SBT motor before because my old rod broke and shot through the engine. The SBT work fine and still running strong after 3 years. finger cross.......

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    Correct. Contacted SBT and they are saying the motor was purchased in 2005.

    I wanted to rebuild it myself but if it blows I have no one to blame but myself. If I go the sbt route and spend a little more on the premium it will give me the 2 year warranty. Leaning towards the SBT route and using it for a year. That will give the new buyer a 1 year warranty from SBT.

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    If your only going to keep it for a year and sell it, then I would go with the SBT engine, if you where planing on keeping it for a while I'd look into taking the steps necessary to get or keep the Naskil.

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    You may get a good one, but I wouldnt put many hours on it. Like less than 30.
    How many hours were on the blown up one?

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