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    FX SVHO shuts off at 9250 rpm

    I have a 2014 fx svho with many mods, I did all my mods all at once, R &D 5 reflash, riva intercooler, aem fuel pump, riva fuel rail, e-tech 19 wheel, riva supercharger shaft upgrade, air filter, exhaust, riva water box, intake free flow, springs and retainers, riva cam gear kit, solas 13/20 impeller, riva cooling kit. Long story short the jet ski goes all the way to 9250 rpm and shuts off, any suggestion to keep the ski under 9250 rmp for it wont shut off. I have gotten two suggestion from friends pitch the prop or buy a dual prop, help please.

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    Is your Solas in out of the box pitch form, or did you have it redone before installation?

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    yes you are right I had the solas impellar pitched by a performance shop but due not know what they pitched too, they pitched my prop with out testing the ski or putting it in the water.

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    first off I assume you are using 100+ octain race gas only ( this is required for a r-5 reflash) You need to test your prop rpms in smooth water at wide open throttle and not let the ski unhook or bounce or cavatate on take off and then this tack reading is your correct peak rpms. Any unhooking or prop cavation will give you a false peak rpm reading. If you are still getting 9200+ rpms you need to repitch your prop taller on the trailing edge one pitch and then retest. If your rpms are still to high go another pitch and re test again till you get your peak rpms around 9000+. I know this is time consuming but it is what is required to find the correct prop/rpms fpr your engine combination, Good Luck, Tommy Jordan

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    Yes I am running 100 + octaine and thank you guys for response appreciate the help.

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    I never tested the ski with the original pitch on the impeller 13/20, was told by a well known person that's been in the business for many years that the 13/20 will not work, I took his word for it.

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    Battery connectionS (all of them)

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    I suggest you buy another 13/20 and see where your rpms are on your setup. If you are truly turning 9250 on a depitch 13/20 you should be able to pull the stock pitch one out of the box. R&d has a habit of making the ski go into a very rich mode at high rpms. That's probably what you are feeling. What is your afr at wide open throttle? And do you see it drop back into the low 10's when you hold it a second or two on top end ? If you don't see it drop then you might have other issues. Or you still running stock injectors?

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    What kind of boost and speeds are you seeing at those RPM's?

    What is your definition of "shutting off"? Engine cutting completely off, of just the feeling of hitting a speed wall or limiter?

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