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    2011 Kawasaki Ultra LX

    Im a new ski owner and would like to change out the spark plugs, My ski didnt come with a manual or anything. What spark plugs should I get? For pre-gapped, Etc. ?

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    My riding buddy Dave has the exact same ski.

    I changed his plugs for him - and he bought them from the local auto parts store (Advance). I do not have the number - yet I can easily get the number for you. If I remember correctly - they are NOT Iridium Plugs.

    Be certain to put some anti-seize on the threads of the new plugs before you install them.

    I recommend you get an Owner's Manual for your ski. Look for one out on E-Bay.

    We will be at the Launch Ramp today at 9:00 AM if you want to launch with us.

    Good Luck !!!

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    Stock plug is a NGK #4717 name on plug is PMR9B. It's pricey.

    The substitute plug is NGK 3521 CR9EIX. Make sure you get the little caps on top. These plug don't have them out of the box...or used to not. They are all standard little screw on caps on the plugs. I don't believe the 4717 are removable so can't snatch those off.

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    And don't over torque them, they are small plugs and can easily snap. Follow the owners manual.

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    Hey Spooling, Sorry I didnt get out there to meet you guys. Had a lot going on this weekend. I finally found an online owners manual I loaded.. It says the Plug is a NGK CR9EK . SHORE, what do you mean by the caps? ?

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    Ohhh, Just upon looking at plugs for sale online.. I see what you mean those NGK's just have a threaded top instead of a cap.. Thats kinda dumb.

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    SO just putting those in with the threaded tops wont work?

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    Yes, they work. I just ordered 4 cr9eix plugs from autozone, they came with the caps....

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    Okay Sweet!

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