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    Kawasaki STX 1100 Uses WAY TOO MUCH fuel

    I live in Idaho and brought my Kawasaki stx 1100 up from california. It uses so much fuel its unreal. Runs great still hits 50mph, used to have a ruff start but a primer kit fixed that problem. My question is with the fuel problem is it possible im running way to rich?? How do I lean up the fuel or make sure its set properly?? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

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    How much fuel is it consuming? Remember its a big bore 2 stroke and can be pig if you run it hard. My 785 could suck down a 10 gallon tank in 45 minutes if I rode it hard enough.

    Just a suggestion - I would check your reeds if they haven't been replaced in a while, broken reeds can lead to double carburetion where the crankcase pressure actually blows back through the intake and creates a second fuel charge in the opposite direction. Also your needle/valve seat/pop off in the carburetor could need attention.

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    WOW! That sounds about right, problem is I have a 1200 polaris that just seems to sip on the fuel compared to my STX. Reeds have never been replaced can I do it myself? How easy is it? THANKS GUYS!!!

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    the polaris Di is the best ive owned for fuel miser, havn't tried the 800Di though

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