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    only runs when choked

    I have a new to me 96 xp. It has a primer and no choke. New fuel lines and both carbs are rebuilt with genuine mikuni kits. The top end hasn't been broken in yet but is showing 160 psi compression. It runs well on the trailer but is tough to start and run in the water. I fabricated pieces of sheet metal that I bolted to each carb with 1 bolt so I can slide it to cover the opening or slide it to open the carb, its kind of a temp choke. Well it starts and runs with my makeshift choke covering about 75% of the opening. I have heard of these symptoms being caused by a bad rectifier or possible an air leak in the rotary cover or carb gaskets. Can I test these items on the trailer with a hose or do I need to check it in the water? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated.


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    Only runs when choked. Rebuild and clean carbs, change all fuel lines if they are gray and also clean fuel selector valve. These machines don't need choked unless they sit for a long time. When they are right they run perfect

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    This guy has the same problem:

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    You may have already done this, but make sure your needle and seat are new. Also unscrew all jets and low/high speedy screws and make sure they are clean. It sounds like you have a port clogged somewhere.

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