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    Missfire after storage?

    Assistance required!

    I started 07 rxt today for the first time in nearly a year. Just fitted new pro series ecu and bosch injectors injectors, fired up bang on the button and ran great on the hose. Shut it down and started it up a little later and now it has a missfire and runs rough through the revs. seems worse once it's up to temp??
    Last year it have supertech valves, springs and retainers, charger rebuild and riva head gasket and arp studs. I checked the torque on the studs earlier to 95+ftlbs and all was good.
    I did go a bit mad with the storage spray when I winterised it and the pugs looked oily, fresh fuel and filter though?

    What do you guys think, throw it in and see if it clears?? Could it just be the excess storage oil in inlet fouling the plugs?

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    Try a fresh set of plugs. mine did the same thing last year

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    Only used the ones in there once.....ah how I love throwing money at this thing! Will chuck a new set in in the morning

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    fogging oil fouls plugs out pretty easily.

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    Yup put plugs in it. My buddy's 09 needs plugs every years after a storage. He puts it away running and when he gets it out its always down a hole. He also fogs it with oil before it goes into the barn.

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    I never use fogging oil for this reason and install fresh plugs at the beginning of the season. They are only around $2.50 each at O Reilly Auto Parts. BTW, I get them in a box of 10.

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