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    2015 VXR upgrades??

    Picked up my new VXR a couple of weeks back and the mod bug is hitting me. I've held off this long by removing everything but the factory graphic and cleaning the shit out of it after rides. All of the chrome trim pieces are being removed to be dipped (Carbon Fiber) but I want to tinker with it. I have the 5 year warranty so I don't want to void it just yet. I know it'll ultimately be up to the stealership what will and won't be covered in case something does happen, but what are some commonly accepted modifications. I'm familiar with them having to prove a part caused a failure but I've also picked up vehicles from service torn apart after the Corporation ruled and left it up to me to prove them wrong. What handling mods are worth it? I will pretty much be riding 100% salt mostly goofing off and plan some Bimini trips. I'm new to PWC's so any direction would be appreciated.

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    Ride Plate and Intake grate w/ pump shoe kit will be the best upgrades. Then you can do intake, (Ribbon Delete) remove the flame arrestor in the intake manifold and a free flow exhaust if you choose. Then a prop. All that will keep you safe under warranty and put you in the mid to upper 60's easily with great stability and handling. Sponsons arent necessary unless you CC race because the new sponson have a good lip and seem to handle well. For your ride plate, I would send to Jim but if you do not want to spend that much (even though Jim's plate will be the fastest) you can opt for the cheaper Riva plate.

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    I had Jim modify my stock FX SVHO plate, handles better, went from a top speed of 70.5 to 71.8mph.

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