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    Brand New leftover 2014 Yamaha Fzr Dead metal Chards in oil. 3.8 hours on it

    Ski was purchased in End of may. First day I rode it it stalled twice on me.( Never opened up or ridden hard for break in reasons)

    Second time I took it out, Ski would Stall anytime I would run it over 3000 rpm and come to a stop also lacked power wouldn't go over 35.

    On my way to to putting it back on my trailer at Ramp Ski Died and wouldn't Turn Over. Towed to trailer Brought in for service a week ago.

    Yamaha Service called me and said My Brand new ski with 3 hours on it Was full of metal chards in the oil pan and filter. And Had a bad knock. They recommended calling Yamaha Corporate and requesting a replacement ski.
    Told me the engine on this ski would need to be replaced.
    ( I did so a day ago and waiting now to here back from them.)

    Has anyone had any experience with problems like these right out of the dealership or advice on how to handle it?

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    Sounds like you got a lemon. Just the fact that you got a leftover 2014 in May of 2015 means its sat there for a very long time without even being started. It could have been a factory defect or it could be smaller things that caused the engine to go. Gas being left in it for that long to sit out behind the dealer or even oil degradation to a certain extent. I would push for a replacement and say you do not want a rebuilt engine on a ski that never got past the break in period.

    Ask them if you could get a sample of the oil (if still available) and send it to Blackstone Labs for an oil analysis. They can tell you everything and anything just from the sample.

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    A member here from the Clearwater/Tampa Florida area had a 2014 FZS which died at 1.5 hours (rod knock). The dealer replaced it with a 2015 FZR.

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    Thats awesome, trying to get a similar thing done now. Waiting to here back from Yamaha.

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