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    small jump starter

    Anyone have one of these small form jump starters? I'm thinking it could be a life-saver on the water, and would actually fit on the ski. I had a hard time believing these things do what they claim, but they seem to.

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    I picked one up this year different brand. And it works great jumps skis lawn mowers and even jumped a full size SUV..

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    i use an anti gravity one that works great

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    I have one that I take with me to buy skis. I use it when they "need a battery" 8o)

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    This is the bad boy and will jump start a Diesel.

    I have the smaller version and just jumped my GMC Denali 6.0 Sunday my battery was dead. It was worth every penny. I have the XP-1 the 1 is worth the extra couple of dollars if you have the room also.

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    I used an anti grav once while working on a ski in a yard. We musta cranked all day with it unsticking valves and it had tons of juice left. Would have easily killed a regular battery. These little things are bad ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 800AMSOIL4U View Post
    This is the bad boy and will jump start a Diesel.

    Beware if the battery in the diesel vehicle is a large AGM battery and that AGM battery is very flat. Ran into this with my Mercedes diesel on a cold winter night. The big flat AGM battery can soak too much of the available current/voltage from the (also cold) XP-10 and the engine would not start until the AGM battery partially recharges.

    Which is a problem as the Anti-Gravity XP-10 only allows 30 seconds of boost at a time. Unlike the smaller Antigravity versions the big XP-10 has a tiny recessed button on the cord assembly that must be pressed to fully activate boost mode. The button engages an internal relay and timer, timer then releases relay after 30 seconds. Normally this would be plenty of time to go crank the engine and get started, but the big AGM car battery needed many minutes of recharging before it would allow the engine to crank.

    At 30 seconds per cycle this would be a lot of repeat button pressing. Ended up using traditional booster cables to a big idling truck. Let the truck recharge the Merc for many minutes, eventually the Mercedes was willing to crank to life.

    I still have this XP-10 and imagine it will do just fine when conditions are less difficult. I was disappointed in it on that cold night, I must say.

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    Green Beam!

    I agree these compact starters are great for emergency kit. I just got this unit. Plenty of juice to crank PWC. But, also comes with two lasers, one green and one red. The green beam is truly awesome, fully visible for 10 miles.

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