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    Flooded, AGM or Gel batteries- which is best to avoid broken cells

    Hi all-
    My 1999 Polaris Genesis is in need of a new battery, but I need help determining the best option to avoid broken cells due to the abrupt shock batteries sometimes encounter on the waves or being trailered.

    Mr. Matrix was nice enough to point me in the direction of a Deka AGM battery, but once I started looking into those, I found three different types of Deka batteries- Flooded, AGM and Gel. Is there one of these which has an edge over the others in terms of durability knowing the sudden jolting movements jet ski batteries are sometimes exposed to?

    Any further guidance and advice is much appreciated.

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    AGM, factory sealed type, Deka brand, ETX16 size

    Factory sealed AGM is going to be the toughest battery for watercraft use. Deka makes an excellent AGM battery, highly recommended.

    Deka brand makes lots of batteries in different types and sizes. Just focus on the sealed AGM version in size ETX16.

    There is no such thing as a gel AGM battery or a flooded AGM battery. Flooded is the old school battery type with liquid acid sloshing around in the cells. Gelled batteries are a variation of liquid acid except that the acid has been gelled to prevent it from moving around.

    Absorbed Glass Mat batteries have a sandwich of glass fiber material between the layers of lead plate. The whole stack is compressed tight into the battery case, and the matting is soaked in special acid. Only enough acid to saturate the fibers is installed, so even if you drilled a hole in an AGM battery no liquid would come out.

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    The Deka AGM battery weighs several pounds more then an equivalent lead acid battery from the big box store.

    you can find dekas locally at a couple of auto part chain store. look for the agm battery with the captive threaded blocks for terminal attachments. They have a unique design in the business.

    big crank, autozone, oriely , advance auto to name a few and even diehards are now being oem'd from east penn/deka.

    Make sure any battery you buy has a code sticker with a 5 on it..a 4 is last years stock. Warranties vary. Consider that when shopping. Some vendors only gie 6 months, others the full year

    This was clearly a very large step forward in the powersport battery market

    it's the only thing I sell. I use one in my truck and in my wife's car. They are that good.

    I have a pretty good stack of battery cores, and only a couple of dekas.

    The only things you have to watch out for are letting the battery voltage drop too low during the off season, and of course, not using the correct charger type. AGM units need a specialized charger. They are readily available.

    You'll find plenty of banter on any thread you hit on a search for deka battery

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    Thanks, K447. Great informative answer, as usual!

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    Thanks, nmpeter. Very helpful!

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