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    Another power valve servo question

    On my 2000 gp800 I have power valve servo questions.

    Just got got it out of winter storage I notice the servo motor doesn't return when starting or stopping the engine when running it on land. The valves aren't stuck because I can move them by hand.
    The only way the servo will turn them is if I manually turn the power valves, and the servo motor will operate when I shut the ski off.

    Is this normal, or should I look for another servo motor? If new servo motor is needed, what all years share the same part?

    Also, can I just manually open the valves leaving them open and disconnect the servo motor to run and ride it?

    lastly, if anyone has a functioning servo motor to sell, please let me know. I don't mind if the connector needs to be changed as I can solder it if needed. The forum won't let me start a classified add. Probably cause I'm not very active on here.
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    Servo is bad.

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    It sounds like the servo went bad. just make sure when you replace it that you get a 66E that is for a GP800R. the 66V will hook up and cycle but not wile riding. good luck finding one i just ordered one from a guy off here.

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    I just had it out on the lake today.
    I disconnected the servo motor at the plug and manually adjusted the power valves.
    It now has the top speed it should have. The power band hits very hard without the servo motor to open and close the power valves.

    How do I test to see whether the servo motor is bad or if it's the cdi that gives the servo inputs?
    Thanks larry

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