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    Lightbulb CRAZY

    You guys see this video? Just insane.. What is going through this guys HEAD.. I cant even begin to comprehend... Hes got a passenger on the back...and then he heads RIGHT for another person renting a jet ski that is getting ready to head out..He heads RIGHT for her at FULL speed with a passenger on the back...and from what it appears he is an instructor..The instructors have the blue Yamaha shirts under their vests..It kills me when people try to show off and put others lives at risk. Kinda like if you are on a motorcycle and you want to stunt in an open parking lot.. Thats your body if you fall ..But when you have a passenger on the back you are now in control of 2 lives..You have to realize that..When I saw this video I was just like WOW.had she not seen it coming it would of been even worse im sure. .

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    there was a jet ski in that video ???????????????????????

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    Hahaha. Yeah, You have to look REAL hard.. Beyond the view.. BUT its there!

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    Don't think that video is real

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