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    2006 sea doo gtx Ltd 215hp mod questions

    I have a 2006 gtx Ltd 215hp and have installed the riva stage 1 kit with 4 inch intake pipe, oil catch can, groco strainer and riva gen 2 supercharger impeller. I spoke with a guy from torx racing and he stated that with my setup I was probably already running lean when I hit 8000 rpm and higher and suggest adding 50lb injectors and have them remapp ecu for the new injectors. Can someone give me some advise on this? I also plan in the future to add an external intercooler and the larger xcharger supercharger and he stayed I would need to make no additional changes when adding this that the ecu would compensate. Also I am thinking about doing the riva waterbox or riva thru exhaust and leave the stock water box. I live in a area where it cannot be annoyingly loud because there are alot of houses and I ride early. Is the waterbox really loud and with my setup will it really make that much difference and would just doing the thru exhaust be ok and is that also really loud? Thanks alot for all the help.

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    when ever you add HP you must add fuel
    you can bet your dangerously lean
    the only thing saving your motor is the timing is very low
    torx racing has a very poor service record , much worse than vtech
    IMO leave the stock waterbox and add rear thru hull to give you room for the IC
    that exhaust is not loud only slightly louder
    50lb injectors will work for the smaller SC at lower rpms
    but when you crank up the boost and rpm they will not keep up
    last no tuner can guess, you need data to tune your ski
    so at least add a afr guage or better use vtech logger

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    So by adding the riva stage 2 kit and adding the et127+3 or xcharger what size injectors do I need? I am confused because there are tons of post on here that says the 42lb injectors are big enough but you are saying the 50lb ones are not even enough.

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