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    Waveraider 700 Bogging down after wot

    Hey guys Im new to the forum and I'm looking for some help. I am looking at buying a (94 I think because of the purple hull even though my cousin says 96) waveraider 700 from my cousin, it hasn't been in the water in 7 years but it has been garage kept for that time. He said the last time he had it out it would run great all the way up to wot. Once you left off he says it would bog down, but if you pull the choke out it will get back on its horse and move again. He says after it did this he had the carbs apart and cleaned them and it still does it. Any suggestions if it could be something else?

    A little info on the ski:

    we hooked it up on to the hose and it started and ran just fine once we put fresh gas in it.
    i have not performed a compression test yet but plan too.
    i also plan to ride it this weekend to see how it rides and if this is actually an issue since its been 7 years since he has been on it.
    the ski still has the oil injection system.

    any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Check all fuel lines and petcock I just had to replace mine it would run perfect on reserve but would bog randomly on the on position they can get clogged from sitting for a while and running fuel thru it

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