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    1997 GTS Rotary Valve question - carbon tech

    I need to replace the root arty valve in my '97 GTS. I want to put a Carbon Tech rotary valve in it. In the Paets Unlimited catalog they offer 3 different valves. A 155* for low/mid rpm, a 159* for mid/tapered (not really sure what "tapered" means. I know the stock valve is 159* as well), and a 163* for super stock to modified watercraft. My gts is bone stock except for an aftermarket air cleaner. I talked to a lady at Carbon Tech who was just reading notes off a computer - she said I could run the 163* on my stock gts and expect to see +1mph and about 100 rpm.

    so my question:
    would it be ok to run the 163* valve on my pretty much bone stock gts? Top end is always what I'm looking for.

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    Carbon valves dont hold up. It will fall apart in no time

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