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    Cold Start Trouble with 2004 YAMAHA FX HO waverunner..............

    I'm trying to diagnose a problem im having with my 2004 FX HO. Has approx. 120 hours. I had some problems with the ski and haven't had much time on it lately. Did the pump seal kit, and long story short, had a friend take it out and had a problem. Guess an intake hose popped off and the ski took on some water (filled close to half the ski before overheat alarm went off. He shut it down right away and re-trailered it. Rinsed it out and flushed. thought no problem.

    But few days later, i had trouble starting it.

    Ended up replacing the battery, but still would only crank, no start. Changed the spark plugs, still no start. I then took some spray start, hit the air intakes and got it to fire up, idle, ran rough at first, but ran fine on the hose after that. Took it out to test it 10 mins later and was hard to start but once it got idling, no problems, was able to acheive full power and speed, so i don't think it is fuel or fuel pump related.

    Few weeks later now, still same problem. Cold start, only cranks, wont start. Hit with a little spray start, gets going then runs good.

    I wondering if there is maybe a sensor or something that tells the ECU to change the fuel mix on a cold start, that might be bad. I don't really know what to think (or possible overthink) at this point.

    I'm hoping that taking on water is not a part of my problem, but wanted to give all the details.

    Maybe someone had the same problem or cou ldshed some light on my situation.

    Anyone have any thoughts???

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    You might have a sticky injector, poor ground, or maybe a junked up tps. BUT it could be one of another 100 things too. Pretty sure I have seen a faulty intake pressure sensor cause this as well.

    Are you getting any codes?

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    The gauge is normal when i rode it, but I haven't checked for codes. Gonna check when get home and will post up.


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    Checked for codes by pushing the multifunction button for 8 seconds. CODE 01 shows up. Means everything normal, correct?

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    Well...not really...but yeah...its a starting point. Its simply not throwing a code now. ill get back to this later tonight when i have a minuet....

    right now i have a few other issues at hand

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    Damn! That's not good.....

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    Shit this was just tuesday...i had this ski up and running in no time...the funny part was the customers were bailing the ski with solo cups. ahhh the shit i put up with wait, im "livin the dream"


    drain ALL the fuel and replace with new. Dont use any additives other the marvel mystery oil.

    dirty fuel filter
    ecu corrosion
    Tps gunky
    idle air
    throttle bodies out of sync (6mm adapter for this ski)

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    Impeller housing! have you replaced that, inspect this? and are you getting up to full speed when you do get it running.

    Its made of stainless and aluminum so they corrode and will cause expansion in the wear ring. A small bind will give the symptoms of a seized motor or cause clearance issues when trying to fire. Its a 4 stroke so pulling the trigger only adds more air to the system not fuel. Which MAY be the reason it only starts with ether...(starting fluid)

    Also, do yourself a favor and dont use starting fluid again. Use a rag with some fuel dripped on it, hold it over the TB's and pull the fabric tight over the holes. This will take a second person, but is much better then taking life off engine with that spray.But this is only If you NEED to start it again. Ideally you should address the issues, fix it and not have to do that ever again.

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    Thanks for the heads up on using ether, i didn't know that. Will avoid it.

    I haven't got this addressed yet. Went to toy with it last week and when i was cranking it over, the starter motor got stuck engaged. Ended up disconnecting the battery just to get it to stop. Pretty sure the relay is stuck or bad. Gonna check it out when i have some time which might not be for another week.

    This ski does have significant corrosion, and the impeller housing does have noticeable corrosion. But i don't think there is a clearance issue, as it doesn't have trouble turning over, and when it does run, it runs fine.

    When i got it running, it did seem to have full power and speed. But i only tested it very breifly.

    Kinda thinking its a fuel related issue. Either dirty fuel filter or injectors.

    Gonna end up draining all the fuel and replacing with fresh.

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    If you want to rule out the starter solenoid, either use a jumper cable directly to the starter or take apart the relay system and jump it from the backside, only takes about 10 minuets...

    My guess is your starter went out and perhaps a dirty injector, dont overthink the cleaning job, get a can of brake cleaner, spray into both holes and put it back on. Be sure to hold it away from your face because stuff will spray back and out, thats kind of what you want.

    Do the same to the fuel rail..

    My next suggestion is cleaning your fuel filter. Get the pump out and take it apart, youll need 2-3 flat heads and MAYBE a second set of hands, use brake cleaner on this as will, inside and out, i use almost a full can on one filter, clean for about 30-45 seconds, pause, do it again...use gloves

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