Hello all we just bought a Polaris msx 2004 and cant get it to run it fires and the injectors click, the spark is good be did the led code read and got code 12 and 17 i would assume that the code 12 is from the code retrieval method. would code 17 prevent it from running? is there a trouble shooting tree/chart for this? I am new to the newer Polaris machines but it seems like the injectors are not firing consistently Tonight im going to hook up the scope to the cps to c if it is working properly it has continuity and the spark seems fine so i think that the cps is ok. now from what we were told the machine was in storage for a couple years then it never ran after that this was one of a pair and the former owner swapped the ecms and got the same result now the machine that the computer was boroughed from is doing the same thing HELP!!!