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    performance upgrades for gti 130-155...mph log list

    Not much info on this out there from what I can find, it's all bits and pieces so I've decided to venture off on my own and I'll keep a log here maybe that will help others that may be interested in getting a little more out of their NA ski.

    Stock the ski went 52 mph (speedo) 3/4 tank of gas (7200 rpm)

    I removed the air box and installed a BPI 3" velocity stack I had laying around, this was pretty difficult to me because I've never worked on a jet ski. Took my sweet time and removed it without damaging anything, had to come out the front of the ski. I installed the velocity stack on the stock intake tube, pretty simple.

    BPI velocity stack- 54 mph (speedo) 3/4 tank of gas (7100 rpm)

    I will GPS it this weekend to see what the difference is between it and the speedo, but for the sakes of things I'll post both speeds from here on out.

    Next mod on the list is filling the ride plate holes, plan to do that Friday and test it Saturday.

    Exhaust spacer has been ordered along with a pipe to delete the d-sea-bel, after those are installed and tested I'll be removing the filter from the intake manifold which will most likely complete the mods for this season. Over the winter I'll be picking up a vtech tuner and will resume testing next season.

    I will need help picking out the proper impeller because I don't know anything about that department, so if you have any advice feel free to offer up.
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    you need to add the rpms to the log

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    Ok, I'll do that

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    Filled ride plate holes and now it's hitting 56mph full tank of gas, rpm stayed the same 7200

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    Also I'd like to note my speedo reads exactly what the GPS says so that's nice

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    Took the ski out for the first time this season yesterday, removed the "d-sea-bel" aka exhaust baffle box over the winter, didn't gain any mph but it did seem to accelerate much faster than before, and I like the extra sound.

    This mod cost me 25$ total and took 30 mins to install.

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    I ordered this exhaust manifold spacer and hopefully I can have it installed by next weekend for some testing also

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    Mine never ran faster than 52 stock, put 10 hours on it before I changed anything

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    My 130 gti also runs a solid 55. My 2013 gti did the same (have a 2015 now)

    Got some rocks sucked up on my 13 and that brought top speed down a bit but a new wear ring sorted that out.

    I ride in the north of sweden so temperature is always kinda low and that might change things i guess

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    Quote Originally Posted by gti 130 wow View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by blackbeast View Post
    Mine never ran faster than 52 stock, put 10 hours on it before I changed anything

    Well that sucks. My stock configuration performance was right in line with others.
    Are you sure you did not get the rental version that I think has a restrictor plate and only 100 hp?
    Or maybe your using some programed key that holds your speed down.
    No I didn't get a rental ski, and I don't have some stupid key.
    I ride my ski in warm weather conditions 80+, did you try that before the tune?

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