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    1998 seadoo with rotax motor

    hi im new at the so hope im in the write form I have a 1998 gti Seadoo that I just got and some one just blockec off oil lines with bolts.Took it out and ran then stopped it has 155 psi in cyl and fuel but will not run now.See post that said u cant block off oil pump like that so what damage would of happen to thanks

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    Rotary valve had no lubrication. It stripped the brass gear. Engine needs to be torn down, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled with new gear. There will be bits of brass in the crankshaft gear, as well as the possibility of the crank gear moving off center.

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    if the oil tank was removed and te two big oil lines are not connected in a loop and kept full of oil, the rotary valve fails.
    google that for some pics of the stuff. Without oil, it's a short timer.

    there should be an aptitude test and a license issued to put a wrench on an internal combustion engine. Last guy was an ass-hat

    sorry your welcome to the hulk is such bad news.

    gonna need to rebuild the engine..unless of course your find a magic sbt sticker on it that hasn't expired.

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