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    Unhappy FX HO CR 2015 not starting

    Dear all,

    Im new here , sorry if i post incorrectly, well i have a 15 fx ho , and got two problems
    first is shift control unit got error 157 , looks the ride engine is out of service just with 3hours

    should i replace?

    second problem is the unit doesnt start, everything is well , but there is "no spark"
    with the ydis of a friend , stationary test shows spark , but engine not start, cranks but not starting.
    no errors in diagnosis record.

    what things can i check ? that can produce not starting, battery for sure is brand new , spark plugs new, starting coil ok
    but the pick up coil how can i check ? in the manual has colors white and black and black and orange, but checking the unit
    i just only see the white and black.

    the starting engine has been replace, but still its something that doesnt let unit start.
    any idea to check,
    thanks to all for this great site
    sorry for my but english, thanks again

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    Don't waste your time... send it to the dealer for warranty. No matter where you are from there is at least a 1 year warranty on these machines.

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