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    1996 kaw750 zxi loses power and dies!!!

    Hello everyone .
    I have a 1996 kaw 750 zxi that I bought and rebuilt the engine in andthe carbsI have had it out three times and every time I ride it, it runs for about two minutes then starts to bog out and lose power to the point that it dies. Bit it will always start back up right away but no power and will die. If i let it sit for a while it will start and run fine for two Mon and do the same thing. I'm looking for some help on this if anyone has any words of wisdom I would be very very grateful. Thank you!

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    Have you tried taking the gas cap off when it dies?

    If the vent hose is plugged up, it will create a vacuum in the tank after running a bit and not allow any more fuel to be pulled into the carbs. Taking the gas cap off will relieve the vacuum and you will be able to run it until it happens again.

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    Try riding with the seat off. You may have an exhaust leak that is filling the hull with fumes.

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    Thank you for the ideas guys I will try them both hopefully one works!

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