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    2014 310r help!! about to pull my hair out!!

    Soo this is the story.... 4 hours on my ski I ingest water and break two rods , but since I had the ECU issue I had the ECU reflashed and guess what .. it voided my warranty. After sitting in the dealer for 5 months ,she comes back and has two issues. (It had a brand new long block installed btw)
    One: the trim isn't functional. I can hear a slight click when I pop the hood like the relay is kind of working but nothing.
    Second : this is the one that is killing me. At part throttle around 3800-5500 give or take it hiccups or starts falling on its face, extremely annoying esp as I'm carving buoys or running spirited chicanes.....the ski falls on its face and wont accelerate unless I go wot. I have two of them btw and the other is sooo nice to ride . So I then get the 2015 ecu installed and still the same thing. I have all kinds of go fast parts for her sitting in my garage ,3 of which no one has on this site that I will be posting results for on the forum, but I refuse to install them until I get this resolved.

    Does anyone think the trim malfunction has anything to do with the hiccup?? When it went in with a few hours on the time clock it was fine. Now that the dealer got their mitts on it ....its super annoying to ride.

    It will GPS 72.7 mph with a scom only in 90 degree heat with a 85 degree water temp
    they actually both do lol

    If anybody has anything on this it will be greatly greatly appreciated.

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    Have done all the basics like ensuring there are no boost leaks etc? All hoses etc routed correctly?
    Does it idle right?

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    We're the plugs changed after you ingested the water ? I think the problem is coming from that. When I ingested water mine did this.. Did you clean out the intercooler , intake , tb. Maybe it sucked a little bit of remaining water back in. Check the oil and plugs maybe ..

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    Thank you for the responses. Yes I have put a gauge on it and it creates about 16.5lb of boost, thus no boost leaks. It idles perfect. And it runs perfect WOT. I changed the plugs. Everything is routed like my other one. As far as having water in the ic/tb or intake goes ... that motor was removed and a new long block was installed. I'm not sure if the intercooler was dried out but it did sit at the dealer for 5 months before the new motor came in. I will check the intercooler tonight. I was thinking maybe a wire in the circuit for the trim is next to or apart of the tps sensor or apart of the drive by wire system and the dealer pinched hem together or something. its hard to have a ski with 10hours on it run the way it does.
    Its just at part throttle it will not hook up and accelerate as I'm turning or go flat and as soon as I apply more power say as little as 2% more throttle it takes off really inhibiting how hard I can ride this thing smooth and fast.

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    Also checked the oil , did a leak down, etc.... I'm kinda lost at this point. I want my damn trim functional too! lol

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