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    first test run one question

    Just got my 2000 Virage tx 1200 carbed in the water today for a couple short runs. I have a new cdi, lr505, all new fuel lines and plugs, carbs were gone threw new kit everything looked good,120psi on all cylinders 23 degrees timing at 3000 rpm.
    The 3 things Im sure I need to check are
    piston wash
    drive shaft coupler

    The ski barley comes out of the hole without bouncing off the rev limiter I figure coupler is slipping but could that cause a bog around 5500rpms after 200 yards or so full throttle? If im easy on the throttle and get up to around 3500-4000 rpms I can pin the throttle and it will rev and pull good for a couple hundred yards up to 6500rpms or so but starts to bog down or break up and hang around 5500 rpms till I come back to part throttle for a few seconds then I can go again. It idles good and and mid range performance is good but it should be running pretty rich cause I added some oil to the gas thats in it cause I was worried about the oil pump since the ski has been setting since 2010.

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    Are you running the engine with five year old gasoline?

    Adding oil to the gasoline tank does not make the fuel:air ratio 'richer'. It adds oil for engine lubrication but actually makes the gasoline to air combustion ratio more lean.

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    no its all fresh gas. Leaning out could cause the bogg correct? I stopped on one run and pulled the seat up and all cylinders were warm to touch as was the exhaust.

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