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    787 rebuild

    Hi guys,

    So a small project and need your opinion on condition of the block. I tore this down, and had got a parts block that i am going to take the crank out of and now after cleaning both blocks i think i will go with the one that was for parts as mine has significant damage from the crank failure/rod bearing failure.

    black block is the original and the silver is the one i got. so from the pictures what do you guys think of the score to the surface where the timing plate goes? its also scored in one of the ports and i have a close up pic of that too. Do you think i should get that machined or is there any other way to fix this issue. i was even thinking of just filing down the sides and make it flush where it goes into that bore but not sure if this will even cause an issue when the engine is running.

    i have oversize pistons and the head is machine professionally by a shop so now i just have to put this all back together.

    also final question is that should the seal that goes towards to pto flywheel get replaced when the block is split or can i just throw it all back together? reason i ask is because its really hard to get that pto flywheel off and i dont have the perfect tool to not cause any damage.

    thanks guys
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    in my experience that scoring that extends to both ports on the RV is fatal, however somebody may have been able to repair it by decking it after filling the groove with aluminum welding rod. It's a very critical area that extends over a wide surface.

    doing all this work and not replacing the outer crank seal?..Really?

    it's not really hard to get the pto off plenty of talk on some other threads for methods.

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    As for the seal..kinda hard to get the pto flywheel off when the blogk is split thats why i am trying to escape that

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    That scoring on the face of the case & RV ports would be a deal breaker for me as Capt. Pete mentioned as well, your going to have some air velocity moving the wrong direction into the throttle body as rpms increase and be right on the deaths edge of lean.

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