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    Anyone tried the new Billet Advent T3 ignition for GPR

    Just wondering if anyone has one. Aparently similar to the older ones,although it doesn't support stock powervalves, have to use gas valves. It is repairable and you can get the add on to change your own curves from a list of curves from them, not make up your own.

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    This is awesome, glad they came back out with them as I always wanted one. I can't stand how the stock one cuts ignition when the pump comes on unhooked. Unfortunately I have a few other things on my short list that I would like to do first like reeds and get my head milled.

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    It is true and thanks for the heads up. I just got off the phone with Advent Ignitions...they are still there and making ignitions. They currently offer products for carb skis and are having difficulties with the fuel injected skis. If more people show interest in the fuel injected platform by calling, we may see some triple piped, injected big bores in the future. He is having difficulty with the stator ignition pickups messing with the fuel injection timing. They are still open and are making all the previous ignitions they offered.

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    Yea, and at least these new ones can be repaired by them and you can also buy the cheap add on program to change the curves yourself from a database of their tons of curves on file. You cannot create your own and add them but they have tons already in their database.

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