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    1999 XL1200 dies after about 1-2 minutes

    This is happening very consistently (4 times). Starts and idles fine. Full throttle for a minute or two and it completely shuts down. No alarms of any kind. When I try to restart it behaves as if the battery is dead. Then wait about a minute and it will slowly turn over, still as if the battery is extremely weak. However it does restart. I have been able to return to the dock at a slow speed.
    Recently replaced:
    ∑ Regulator rectifier
    ∑ Battery
    No impact to the situation. Looking for suggestions on next steps. Everything is stock. Replaced the CDI and impeller 2 years ago and was running fine after that. No other repairs to the best of my knowledge.

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    You need to check your compression. Sounds like you could have a cylinder seizing to me.

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    classic engine seizure symptoms. check compression.

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    Agree with above. Also sounds to me that your piston/s are seizing. Do what they suggest you to do. Also try to do a leak down test. And while your doing the compression test, dont forget to inspect the sparkplugs.

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    Look in the bottom of the hull for oil. These engines are notorious for oil lines cracking or coming off causing the engine to seize up.

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    Thanks all for the responses. Took it to the shop. See the recommendations below.
    Visually inspected jet pump=good
    compression is bad at 95 mag, 105 mid, 20 pto //needs sbt short block motor

    Estimate total is $4032. this includes new motor, rebuild carbs and oil lines. it had 208hrs on it.
    I am thinking its time to upgrade.

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    that is too much to repair it... I would either learn how to repair it yourself or part it out. Good Luck

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