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    GP1200R impeller replacement

    So I'm about to replace my first impeller on my gpr. And to my surprise or because I'm too stupid to find it there isn't a how to for replacing a gpr impeller on this site? There are many links to that cajundude site that has been offline for a while now. I searched all the stickies and used the search function. Am I missing something?

    If not is there anything special to look for? I have a solas 13/19 going on. That blue cone to go on front of it, should there be rubber o rings on that? I bought this prop used and just wanted to make sure I didn't make my cavitation issues worse!

    Also aside from visible contact marks or scuffing what should I be looking for on my impeller housing/wear ring? What are the clearance specs?

    Thanks and I figured this question would have been asked a million times but I couldn't find anything.

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    I don't have a link to removal, but do note that it is left hand thread. Once you have it out you use a drive shaft holder tool to remove the impeller nut.

    I just checked the service manual for clearance limits:

    Impeller clearance: .35-.45mm (.014-.018 in)
    Impeller clearance limit: .6mm (.02 in)

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    Do I need to remove the wear ring and intake grate/pump shoe?

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    Took out the four bolts on the pump stator that connect it to the impeller housing, it wiggles but doesn't come out.

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    Is the shaft just tight or a little corroded?

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    Well I think the shaft may be seized in there. From what I read this is a bad bad deal... So much for a quick impellar replacement...

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    You're on the right track. There should be a couple of areas around the stator that have tabs to put a flat screwdriver or prybar on to pry. You may have to remove the rideplate to help get at some better. The whole stator, impeller and shaft come out as one piece.

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    Thanks for the reply, I'm at that point and it isn't moving, it will pull out about an inch or so if I really pry but goes right back. I sprayed it with pb blaster and left it over night to soak. Hopefully I can get it released.

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    Well, this one is stuck good, went and bought a $60 slide hammer. That didn't do anything. Any other ideas??

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    I am about to change the prop on my ski, hope to not run into this problem. keep us posted.

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