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    90 sp no power and stalling in water

    Hi guys i have a couple of '90 sp that i bought i replace all fuel line. And oil lines with tygon fuel lines. New batteries and fuel pick ups. Tthey start and rev great out of the water. Took em to the lake on the the holiday. Just to see them with no power and stalling what cacan be the problem. Im new to skis so i have not rebuild anything ii heard the rectifier might be causing it. But not sure

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    If ski was fitted with gray tempo lines you must pull the carbs, fuel selector valve and fuel pick up to verify they are not gumpes. Ethonal eats those gray lines and inturn puts this green goop in the system. Do not run them until you pull to inspect.

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    The fuel lines were black not grey and the oil lines were clear it looked like tygon. But no grey lines. Out of the water with the hose on they run fine. But they just stall in the water like ill go full throttle and they take off but couple seconds later they just stop n if i let go of the gas they die. I bypassed the fuel filter and just put 1 in the line straight to the carb. I have no idea what can it be. I need help

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    Pull the carbs and rebuild, i bet the are gunked ip

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