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    Rebuilding Spark to an USV

    Hey everyone,

    I'm working on an educative project with the Spark and we've hit a rough patch. What we are trying to do is to throttle the Spark without using the throttle from the handlebar, but instead by feeding the port from the TAS to the ECU a replicated electric signal which we have measured and scoped. The reason for this is that the end goal is making an Unmanned Surface Vehicle from the Spark.

    We have taken off the top of the Spark and we only have the internal components left. It's worth noticing that this is a Spark without a DESS system. There is no chip in the key and we've been told by the dealer we could've just as well have used a normal magnet.

    We've managed to start up the engine without the handlebar by short circuiting the deadman's switch and the starter switch. But we have not been able to make the engine increase it's RPM by feeding the replicated voltage and current to the ECU which makes us think there might be either a fail code running from missing input to the ECM or if there's some other sort of "security" measure in the ECM.

    We have been able to run and increase the RPM by only having the deadman's switch, the starter switch and the throttle acceleration system (TAS) connected.

    What I'm asking is if anyone knows more about how the ECU functions at startup, which initializing routines it has and eventually which one of these may end up making the Spark go into failmodes (Limp mode, etc..). Or if anyone else has measured the voltage and current and has seen something we haven't. Is what we are trying to do doable at all..?

    I know this question is a bit far off from the regular questions here so I'm not hoping for the most complete answers, but any extra input would be greatly appreciated.

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    I don't think I need any help anymore.

    We solved it and managed to throttle and brake the spark from a computer so it's sorted out!


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    Interesting project.

    what are you building this for?

    could you keep us posted?, I am interested in your results.

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