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    Ouch, be careful out there!

    My friend and his girlfriend were using my skis and hit each other on my fzs and rxpx on the Fourth of July. They are ok but the seadoo suffered a broken sponson (appears no hull damage) and the fzs took the brunt of the damage with a sizeable hole in the fiberglass body .

    I can get the ~$100 seadoo sponson and pop it on myself and will get the fzs to a dealer Tuesday to see what the repair bill will be. I have a $500 deductible insurance but am loath to file a claim unless it is over $2k bc of premium increases on my skis and boat and umbrella coverage.

    I lectured for 5 minutes to keep the space between these two crazy skis. Thankfully nobody was hurt at least.
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    Damn sucks.. I'd have them pay for the damages..

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    lot of people think these are harmless toy's....

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    Just relax and enjoy the ride. XLT Chad's Avatar
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    Glad everyone's OK.

    Like mentioned before, is your "friend" going to pay for this?

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    My friend said of course he would pay for it and let him know. I am sure he will pay whatever route I decide to go but I also don't think he realizes how expensive it will be.

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    I would make him pay full repair costs. No way in hell I would report it on my insurance. Friend or not.

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    That sucks, hope you get it sorted out.
    Congrats, you have now experienced number 7 on the list...

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    this is why... me and only me... can ride my ski...

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    I say this with conviction any time i push off a ski that may be trouble.

    "The quickest way to lose your deposit and to have the police here waiting for you is to get close and try to spray each other. If i see it, you bet there are photos/video being taken too. If water sprays in the direction of another ski, BOOM you are 500 dollars lighter and your contract is IMMEDIATELY void, I tow you in. Period, no questions asked. You signed the paper saying you agree to being mostly responsible. I want you to have fun, but I also want you to come back alive. If you Dont like it, find another place to ride. IF you want to ignore my request after I instruct you to shut off the machine for irresponsible behavior, Grand Theft Auto is nothing to play with"

    Look at them dead in the eye, and make them acknowledge your request and even repeat back " I will not spray someone else"
    I will stay at least 100 feet away from another person object or watercraft at all times"

    PS: In FL ts a class A misdemeanor to spray another ski, punishable by a fine, or depending on how obnoxious you are, you can go to jail.. Up to the officer...

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    OUCH! That would be a $3000 repair in my area to do it right. Hope your friend and his girlfriend have some cash!

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