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    Lightbulb 600 Miles on Jet skis. From Miami to Exumas and back in 5 days. Cool vid.

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    awesome video.

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    crazy speeds in shallow waters with no pfds, accidents just waiting to happen.

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    Yeah, Did you see the accident at the end? In the mangroves? 2 ran into each other.

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    I got a 2 minuets into this and stopped cause I couldn't watch the non jacket riding any longer. Maybe Im just a chicken shit, or maybe my life is worth more then trying to avoid some tan lines. Its a good thing someone was within 30 seconds of these naked folks, in the event of an accident. A terminal gasp happens without notice, face in the water = done. Do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars..

    Between the 5,000+ hours of riding for a living I have to say, riding w/o a jacket is like going to the whore house and leaving the condoms at the drug store...

    Cool ride, terrible execution. 600 miles is no joke for some people. I used to do that every 4-5 days going in circles around a few islands in the states, but I was wearing a jacket tho...

    Lol, sorry about busting balls. I doubt this is even you in the video. Your business is your business but you might not find too many people here thinking this is very cool. I mean 600 miles on a ski, sure, cool as hell...

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    Nah. Just a cool video I found. I didnt watch the video for their safety practices, More for the amazing views and the cool trip taken along the way. The fact they dont have life jackets on doesnt change my view on the video, I know that if I were to take the trip I would wear a life jacket..

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    can we get this moved to the GENERAL SECTION MODS !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    WOW what a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!awesome

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    Why no vests?
    I can understand a quick ride to sort out a mod or something, but 2 up wake jumping and 70mph runs? I must be a wimp

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