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    Polaris Virage 2000 750 will not crank the starter

    I have had the PWC since new and the only repair I have had to make is the starter solenoid switch. Last year the body of water I run the machine was closed because of a crack in the Wanapum dam on the Columbia river. I lubed the propellor shaft, changed the plugs and put a charged battery in the machine. Backed it into the river and tried to start it .. Nothing but a quiet click in the electrical box.. The MFD had power and the bilge pump had power, but the engine would not turn over. Electrical box problem??? Starter problem??? Figured I would try the forum before I took the electrical box to a repair shop.. thanx

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    Did you replace the start solenoid with a new part?

    Check heavy red cable from battery to solenoid and from solenoid to starter motor.

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