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    MAPS & MATS sensors - impact, install, etc

    I have a 2005 RXP, second engine, 4th SC, third ECU and tune, still original MAPS and MATS sensors. No particular issues, but curious about the symptoms of MAPS or MATS sensor issues or failures? I know there is an update from the one of the original sensors ... any issues with removal or install? I am thinking of ordering both new sensors just to be ahead of any potential issues. Would love some input on issues or symptoms relating to these two sensors ...

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    usually if they fail you will get a error code
    the best way to check them is to look at a log

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    If im not mistaking Vern i think you are suppost to do resistance tests to verify if they are good or not...

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    When mine failed, it threw no fault at first... It was still in range, but it was not reading the proper values. Ski ran like crap, backfiring, etc...

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